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Wine Opener Set Metrokane Houdini 5 Piece with Stand

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Easiest Wine opener I've ever used, December 28, 2013
I don't even own one, but read on! I'm staying at a condo in Palm Springs and this is the opener they provided. It was intuitively obvious how to use and within about 15 seconds of taking it out of the drawer and examining it my bottle of Cab was...

Works beautifully, December 12, 2013

best wine opener made, April 24, 2014

Metrokane Houdini Wine Opener,default,pd.html?cgid=Beverage_Bar-Wine_Tools.

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Product review: Metrokane Houdini Wine Preserver

To keep the wine longer we have gone through a few wine preservers which pump the air out of the bottle to slow down oxidation and keep the flavor the same longer. Houdini wine preserver is the latest wine preservation system I have tried. It worked fine on several bottles of wine but not all.

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casey casey says:
Question about box wines, cabernet and merlot and other reds?
Are they any good? Ive been on a red wine kick for a few months now. Went to NY City a couple of weeks ago and now Im spoiled for really good reds. Specifically cabernet. Here is my problem. I can't really afford expensive wines. Wanting to keep...
Art_luvr2 says:
Definitely not a good idea to get boxed red wine , Nasty ! You can get very good red wines that are affordable . Also, YES you can preserve the the wine after opening for several days in fridge ,...

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Houdini Wine Opener – red
Houdini Wine Opener – red
Houdini Corkscrew Wine Opener, Silver: Kitchen & Dining :
Houdini Corkscrew Wine Opener, Silver: Kitchen & Dining :
Houdini Vertical Wine Opener - Woot
Houdini Vertical Wine Opener - Woot